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Need a speaker or trainer for your Conference, Event, or Staff Training?


BUSINESS & LEADERSHIP are powerful terms, with often confusing or misguided interpretations.

These series are designed to unravel the truth, bring clarity and open up opportunities.

Each Session designed to be 1-4 hours.


LEADERSHIPgatherings series:  

Born out of a passion to see every person, business & team live their full potential in every situation. Like tools in your tool belt, each session focuses on learning and practicing leadership tools that can be accessed during any interaction.

LEADERSHIPgatherings series: 


Mind your own business series:

Businesses often fail, not because the idea wasn’t good, they fail… or limp along because: 

    1) Their business plan and model wasn’t ready for their own success

   2) Their employees weren’t their biggest fans

   3) They didn’t have a long range plan for growth

Learning to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS isn’t just what your mama used to say… it’s absolutely necessary if you plan to OWN your success. 


mind your own business series: 

  • Foundation Stones: Vision, Mission, Plan (SWOT)

  • Your Unique Brand: more than just a pretty brochure… 

  • Core Values: Internal & External Service defined

  • 5 Flavor Service Strategy: Turn staff into your biggest fans, create customer experiences that keep em’ coming back for more!

  • Brand Your Business - Tell Your Story

       Stand out in your Marketplace,

       Tell your story. Grow your Business.